Chancellor and Professor at B.E.S.T.

Dr. Beverly "BAM" Crawford


Dr. Beverly "BAM" Crawford has been graced by God to speak into the lives of audiences both nationally and internationally, sharing foundational truths and leadership principles essential for the maturity of God's people.

 A highly sought-after speaker, she has appeal that transcends barriers of culture, age, and profession. Teaching the Word of God for over 47 years, she has delivered powerful life changing messages, cultivating hope and releasing the power to change.

Apostle Crawford is Senior Pastor and Founder of Bible Enrichment Fellowship International Church (B.E.F.I.C.) in Inglewood, California, with membership upwards of 3,500 and the Founder of BAM Crawford Ministries. This ministry works with church and community leaders with respect to social excellence as well as assists with the financing of ministries and missions. It serves the inner cities through numerous outreach programs.

She is also the President and Founder of Bam Crawford’s The Company, an integrated system of women from various occupations, organizations, ministries and backgrounds dedicated to providing the resources needed to impact the future of young women, their community and families everywhere. This network is committed to empowerment, transformation and restoration. With a demand for mentoring, she birthed a partnership of visionaries with the collective talents to assist women and help them to live overcoming and victorious lives.

With a desire to mature leaders, she founded L.A.M.P.S. (Leaders Apostolic Mentoring & Prophetic Seminars), which is a fellowship of international ministries united to advance the Kingdom of God and to help men and women fulfill their God-given destinies.

Dr. Crawford is the Chancellor and Professor at B.E.S.T. (Bible Enrichment School of Theology), a prophetic, Spirit-filled Christian community of higher education which teaches the principles of faith; training and preparing God’s people to be strong, committed and effective leaders.

Dr. Crawford’s social media outreach can be found at, facebook/bamcrawford, Twitter/DrBamCrawford,  instagram/  and ROKU/bamcmtv Her teaching Library consists of biblical topics, motivational and leadership training. Music albums of praise and worship by “BAM” Crawford’s Purpose are enjoyed around the world.

Bam’s love and commitment for children and the youth prompted the purchase of the Kingdom Community & Youth Center, a facility which consists of outreach programs and community development to promote social and economic change designed to benefit youth, senior citizens and small businesses.

She has authored several books: The House of Chloe – Empowering & Encouraging Women in Leadership, The Law of Faith – Quantum Reality, The Power of the Soul – The Authority of Thought Control, Restoration of the Damaged Soul, Wounded Soldiers and Wounded Egos and Chosen Vessels.